About TwoCaledonias

The Project

TwoCaledonias is a genealogy project that traces my family history on both my maternal Scottish (the Old Caledonia) and paternal New Caledonian and French sides. I’ve always been interested in this, having grown up in a Glaswegian expat pocket in New Jersey, and with tales of the South Pacific from my father and my grandparents. By creating this blog, I hope to share what I’ve learned to date, and hope that more of my family will participate in the project and contribute to the blog. I also hope that we’ll discover more ‘new’ family, as has already happened, along the way. If you’re new here, I suggest you click the “New Here” button above and to the right for suggestions how to use this site.

About Me

Me, Abu Dhabi 2011

Me, Abu Dhabi 2011

For those of you not related to me, my name is Sharon Sandra Aponte and, although I’m an amateur genealogist, I’m a museum and archives professional. My family history is, of course, the principal focus of this site, but I also hope to share some solid information on the preservation of photos, documents, and heirloom objects, as well as managing information in databases, on paper, and online. Travel and geography are a preoccupation of mine: I have lived and worked in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and now Denver, as well as Belize, Guatemala and Qatar. India was a dream come true. I was finally able to visit my family in New Caledonia in 2010, and Glasgow and rural France are next on the list. Places and the contexts in which my family lived will figure prominently in the writing here.

The Logo

The site logo in the top left corner of every page is something I cooked up last week: a thistle representing the Old Caledonia (Scotland) and the nautilus shell as a symbol of New Caledonia.

The Header Image

The header image at the top of every page is a photo of the Vedel family (my great-grandmother was Clemence Vedel) in Boulouparis, New Caledonia. The man on the far right is Joseph Vedel, her father. The party in the photo are holding “flying foxes” (a kind of mega-bat, considered a delicacy there). I will write more about the Vedels in a post very soon, but I hope my Dad will write about his encounter(s) with flying foxes! I also plan to rotate this image and put different images on each page of the site…in my copious spare time.

The Footer Image

The site’s footer image below is a collage of each of my direct ancestors (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.) for whom I have a photo. My photo is in the middle with my daughter, my maternal bloodline is to the right and my paternal bloodline to the left. All of the individual photos will be available here as soon as I am able to make it so.

Privacy Policy

Okay, this is kinda heavy, but it’s important! Any information submitted to this site will not be shared publicly or privately under any circumstances without the permission of the individual submitting that information or the living subjects who are referenced in any way. Therefore, all comments will be moderated and will appear as soon as any necessary permission is obtained from any living relative mentioned in the comment. Comments are public; it is assumed that the author of a comment gives their permission to post the information in the comment. If you don’t want it published, don’t put it in a comment! Send it to me by email instead. If you are submitting a photo, a guest blog post, or any other information, it would be helpful if you indicated your willingness to share information about yourself contained therein (end your email with “you have my permission to publish this!”). I will personally seek permission from any living relative referenced in these kinds of submissions. Thanks for your understanding and patience!