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Blogging About Family History Will Be Fun. No, Wait…It’s Hard Work!

Me, Ocean Grove, NJ, c. 1963

Me, Ocean Grove, NJ, c. 1963

During the past week, I’ve given a lot of thought about what kind of writing schedule to keep for this blog and what kind of content I would focus on. The possibilities became a bit overwhelming! Thanks to Lorelle at cameraontheroad for helping me think this through (this is well worth reading). Here’s what’s most compelling for me in doing this project:

  • Stories about the lives and personalities of our family (more than just names and dates)
  • Places and contexts within which our family lived (and lives)
  • The hunt for missing pieces to the overall story
  • Connecting and collaborating with relatives, known and newly found
  • Technology and preservation issues – keeping our information, documents, and objects accessible and protected

What would be most interesting/important to you?

I’ve also been looking at many of the wonderful family blogs out there as examples. If you’re interested, there’s a long list at geneabloggers.com, and I’ll add my own personal favorites to the Blogroll at the bottom of the sidebar as I discover them. I will keep things a little flexible for a while, but here’s what I’m thinking:

  • French Friday – devoted my New Caledonian (patrilineal) family
  • Scots Sunday – devoted to my Old Caledonian (matrilineal) family
  • Wordless Wednesday – a random photograph from the collection (if you’d like to submit, please do!)

Each of these posts will coincide with my Legacy database cleanup and scanning project. Staring with my most immediate ancestors, I’ll post about each of them as I sort my physical and digital documentation. I’ll include my sources and research questions I need help with. This Friday, I’ll start with Louise Eugenie Martin, my New Caledonian grandmother. On Sunday, Marion Cunningham McMeekin Sellars, my Scottish grandmother. Ladies first!

Until I can gauge how much time the above posts will require, I will post randomly during the rest of the week. I’d like to devote a day to our living family; in other words, use the blog as a means of recording stories for future generations. Many genealogy bloggers participate in themed days as a means of sharing posts with each other on particular topics. Here are some that I’d like to try out: Mystery Monday (research roadblocks), Military Monday, Tech Tuesday, Tuesday Traditions, Wedding Wednesday, Workday Wednesday (focusing on family occupations), Those Places Thursday (on geography), and Surname Saturday (focusing on the history of some of our family surnames). If you have any ideas for ‘series’ of related posts, let me know!

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