5 Mar

Our New Genealogy Database!

TNG Screenshot

TwoCaledonias.net has been a little quiet lately, but I haven’t been slacking! I’ve been working for weeks to add the new genealogy database, which replaces the old Family Charts and Surnames pages. You will need to register for an account if you wish to see information about our living family; otherwise, all information about our ancestors is publicly accessible. Click on the Genealogy Database link above, follow the registration and navigation instructions on the database homepage, and start browsing! The database is an exact mirror of my local database and a vast improvement over the old charts. Throughout the database, you will see opportunities to contribute information and photos…please do! The data still needs to be “scrubbed” and there is still much more to be added. The next step is to begin adding images; the first image upload should take place sometime this week. Thanks to the developers of TNG, the database software! Read a bit more about TNG on the Research Tools page.

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  • Send me everything you get ok love yhou Aunt Lin

  • sharon this is so interesting and at times sad. I look back on my Mom’s life and think it could have been so much better. It’s mostly sad as I know what she went thru. She had a hard life.

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