18 Mar

Scots Sunday: World Wide Webs

Catherine Gallacher Morrison

Catherine Gallacher Morrison and her son Robert's children.

I love the web. Just yesterday another relative found me on Ancestry.com. I had been looking for a connection on the Scottish side, in Scotland; someone who perhaps could help me identify the subjects of the many unmarked Morrison family photos in our collection. I’m excited to meet Elaine and see where this leads.

I haven’t had as many chance genealogical connections on the Scottish side as I have on the New Caledonian side. Growing up, my Scots were all around stateside, and the French family seemed so distant. Now, it seems just the reverse. We really lost touch with the family in Scotland once my grandmother (Marion Morrison) passed away. Hopefully this is changing.

Not long ago, another Morrison descendant, Diana Gresham Campbell, found me on Ancestry. I haven’t met Diana in person, but it immediately felt like we were family! The common ancestors that Diana and I share are William James Morrison and Catherine Gallacher, the same common ancestors that Elaine and I share. William and Catherine were my 2x great-grandparents (I think for Diana and Elaine, great-grandparents). Diana’s parents left NJ for California in the 1950s, and Diana was born and raised there. She and her husband are now in Idaho. It’s been amazing to find someone with the same amount of enthusiasm for hunting down details and identifying photos as I have.

Putting your family history data out there and pooling research efforts is really the way to make progress. It’s also the way to get really overwhelmed! I am a bit behind on adding information that has been graciously sent my way since starting this online project. Coupled with my job search, the blog has been a bit quiet. The photos and document scans are coming soon, I promise, and next up is a post about all the fabulous people I’ve met who have helped me on the French side.

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  • Sharon,
    How fortunate are we that Elaine has reached out to us! I heard from her yesterday on Ancestry as well!
    You have been a wonderful “cousin” in my Gresham/Morrison history search! I am so excited to be a part of your blog and your world! One of these days we shall meet in person, I promise!

    If Elaine is able to verify and identify some of these photos how lucky are we all!!! I have sent you some documents that I have gleaned from Scotland’s People. I think it may change the parentage you have on some Morrison’s….please let me know if I am amiss in my thinking when you get back to it. I know you have been otherwise detained for the moment….good luck on all that! Arghh, job searching in this economic climate is a pain! Take care, my “cousin” and we’ll eagerly embrace our new family researcher, Elaine! :)

  • I’ve found quite a number of relatives from ancestry.com. Some as even as close as 1st cousins, once removed.

    Regards, Jim
    Genealogy Blog at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

    • It’s too much fun, isn’t it Jim? I am trying to carve out time to write about other happy accidents, like meeting Diana above. Thanks for commenting!

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